San Vincenzo

San Vincenzo

The equipped bathing establishment closest to Agriturismo Il Piaggioneis the town of San Vincenzo, about 8 km away. It can be easily reached via Viale Della Principessa (which also has a bike path), or in just 10 minutes by car on the old Via Aurelia,.

San Vincenzo’s origins are so ancient that the Watchtower, still visible over the Port (although partially incorporated into a newer buildings) is depicted in the background of a painting by Giorgio Vasari displayed in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, titled The Defeat of the Pisans at the Tower of San Vincenzo.

San Vincenzo’s tourism focuses mainly on the sea – which has for many years boasted the European Union’s Bandiera Blu(Blue Flag) designation – and on the sandy shoreline. Stretching for kilometres, the coastline features resorts with histories often going back to the 1930s, alternating with sections of free but lifeguard-protected beach.

The northern part of the village, immediately after the boundary between the municipalities of San Vincenzo and Castagneto Carducci, is home to an approximately 5-kilometre stretch of entirely free beach. This section has remained wild and unspoiled thanks to the private ownership of the coastal strip of landbelonging to the estate of the Counts of Bossi Pucci-Serristori, which has effectively prevented any kind of speculative development while preserving the coastline’s natural morphology intact.

San Vincenzo has traditionally guided its tourism offerings towards being an alternative to other beach towns on the Tyrrhenian coastline, like Follonica or Marina di Cecina, by seeking to avoid the confusion of mass tourismand the excesses and transgressions of nightlife in order to offer a relaxing vacation suited to both families and to a more mature young clientele.

Recently built, the new tourist marina is equipped in modern fashion for pleasure boating, offering possibilities for daytrips by motorboat to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

With its trendy establishments, the land side of the harbour is the meeting place of choice for socializing in the evening.

On the breakwater protecting the harbour, an accessible path has been constructed. Called “La passeggiata del Marinaio” or the “Sailor’s Walk,” it stretches for about 800 metresand ends with the bronze statue of the Sailor, seven metres tall, the work of the late Giampaolo Talani,a well-known local artist.


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