Discover the marvellous villages that surround us

The Piaggioneagritourism resort is located in an area of considerable interest for its nature and scenery, its history and culture, and its offerings in terms of healthand sports, tourism and recreation, foodand gourmet delicacies. Here is a brief description of villages worth a visit:

Campiglia Marittima

Campiglia Marittima is a well-preserved Medieval village. A typical maze of cobblestone alleyways with its town hall overlooking the main square, it is dominated by the castle fortress, recently restored and now used as a museum and public park.

Borgo di Populonia

Rising on a promontory overlooking the sea, the village of Populoniapreserves an intact, typical Medieval urban plan, inside a town wall whose upper portion includes the evocative fortified castle with a watchtower dating to 1300.

Inside the village, the ancient, cobbled roadways are lined with shops offering arts and crafts, purveyors of local wine and food products, taverns, and typical restaurants.

At the Etruscan Museum, the “Gasparri” private collection displays important archaeological finds unearthed in the Baratti-Populonia digs.


The village of Bolgheriis reached along the evocative avenue of age-old cypresses made famous by the verses of Giosuè Carducci’s poem Davanti a San Guido.

The avenue runs straight for five kilometres from the oratory of San Guido to Bolgheri, following the gentle slopes of the hinterland.

The village preserves its late-nineteenth-century urban plan and architectural appearance, with its access gate incorporated into the Tower of Castello dei Gherardesca, cobbled lanes lined with typical establishments and wine shops, the main square with its statue of Nonna Lucia, and the large house where Carducci spent ten years of his childhood.

The Bolgheriarea has gained fame for raising varietals of Bordoleseorigin, and therefore for its high-quality wine productionrepresented not only by major labels like Sassicaia and “Ornellaia, but also by countless small producers making top-level, competitively priced wines.


This perfectly preserved Medieval village boasts some architecture of considerable historic and artistic value, like the town hall and the Romanesque church of San Giusto Fuorile Mura.


Both a marina and a commercial harbour, Piombino offers boat service to the Island of Elba, the Tuscan Archipelago, and Sardinia, as well as a Medieval historic centre and an archaeological museum.


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