In these days, when food and high level cooking has become a trendy cultural phenomenon that often attracts a media frenzy, and when the way food looks and whether it’s fashionable is more important than the true value of its ingredients, the AGRITURISMO IL PIAGGIONE has opted to concentrate on simplicity, quality and good traditional fare.

In a sector that features many people who like to call themselves cook or chef, we are lucky enough to be able to consult and seek advice from a truly great, experienced and knowledgeable cook. Thanks to her, we are able breathe life into traditional Tuscan recipes that had been forgotten.

Our restaurant has a warm, welcoming family atmosphere and has only a few tables. Our menu is always changing and designed around a theme. It is never vast as we prefer to cook our food to order, using specially selected fresh ingredients sourced locally or elsewhere in Tuscany and always pay attention to the tiniest details.

Our wine list mostly features well-established traditional wineries that use native grapes, rather than winemakers new to the scene who are more concerned with appearances and playing it safe.

The restaurant is open the evening from June to September, every night except Tuesday, while from October to May it is open whenever there is a reservation for a minimum of 20 people. We are also happy to organize company & corporate dinners, celebrations of special occasions like graduations, weddings, first communions and confirmations on any evening from September to May, a period compatible with the tranquil atmosphere that guests in our agriturismo are guaranteed.


In summer 2020, given the initial uncertainties due to the pandemic .. we are open only from Thursday to Sunday evening ..

The restaurant is also open to guests outside the farmhouse and all guests are required to do

advance booking that will be confirmed compatibly with the commitments already made… 

The restaurant is independent from stays in a farmhouse and there is no half-board formula therefore breakfast service is not

provided for the moment.

For information and reservations, call 3493843825 Francesco