The Il Piaggione Agritourism is found in Venturina Terme, in a strategically favourable location, far from the hustle and bustle, near to the sea and spa facilities, as well as to all the most important services, transportation routes and various sites of interest for tourism, recreation and historical-cultural enrichment along the Etruscan Coast.

The agritourism facility was created by restoring a rural hamlet dating from the early 1900’s.

Maximum care was taken to preserve the original architectural features and traditional local construction techniques (of the Upper Maremma district).

To this end, portions of the façades and the inside walls were left in “bare-faced” stone to illustrate the construction techniques of the period and to provide a look at the different layers of the structure built over time.

A key concern was to avoid distorting the original atmosphere and spirit of the site, with every attempt made to ensure that the restoration work fit in with the historic setting.

Outside we have set aside extensive areas of greenery and shade, favouring the use of species of trees and plants native to the area, arranged in a fairly random manner, rather than according to an overly artificial or refined layout.

Inside, we ruled out single-room units from the start, preferring, in contrast to current trends, to provide roomy, comfortable, well equipped lodgings that can be lived during all periods of the year.

Our structure has a lounge for socialising, with an adjoining kitchen and bathroom facilities, complete with a large fireplace and furnished to hold roughly 30 people.

Guests can use a large covered parking area, a soccer field of real grass, a washing facility and a washing machine (4 euros per wash with own detergent)
The extensive outdoor areas, and the lack of any vehicles on the grounds, make it easy to either to get together and socialise or find private, quiet spots.

Extra-virgin olive oil produced directly at the facility can be purchased, along with fruit and vegetables from nearby farms.

NOTE: payment with credit cards accepted.